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Many people from different parts of the country come to capital city, either for education, jobs or other business due to the lack of better educational opportunities, poverty and unemployment in their own districts. Most of these people live in the urban areas and slums. Despite many efforts the health status of the slum dwellers is not improved and progress is very slow. On the other hand there are well equipped hospitals and other health facilities which are accessible to the rich people only.

Mortality and morbidity rates especially among women and children are high. Acute preventable childhood diseases, complications of child birth, nutritional disorders and endemic diseases such as Malaria, Tuberculosis, leprosy, STDs, Rabies, vector borne diseases continue to prevail at a high rate. Determinants of such conditions are associated with poverty, low literacy rates, poor mass education, low levels of hygiene and sanitary facilities, and limited availability of safe drinking water.

These problems are further exacerbated by under-utilization of resources; shortages of adequately trained personnel; underdeveloped infrastructure; poor public sector management; and weak intra- and inter- sectoral coordination.


The aim of the establishment of “Community Health Service” is to improve the health status of the people of the urban slums dwellers where migrant, displaced, disadvantaged, poor and back warded people live with no access to health facilities, by providing free basic health services.


In order to achieve the aim, specific objectives are:

  • To provide promotive and preventive health services based on Primary Health Care principles
    • To provide essential cost effective clinical and curative services for the appropriate treatment of common diseases and injuries
    • To improve the health status of the population of the most vulnerable groups, particularly those whose health needs often are not met- women and children, rural population and the poor through highly cost-effective services and programs


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