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Youth force is the change agent of political, economic and social changes in any country. The present developed and developing countries seem to have achieved progress in development and construction through the quantitative and qualitative development of the young human resources. In the development and progress of every country the contribution of the youth has occupied a prominent place. Even though Nepal seems to be in a position where it has an opportunity to enter the golden era of affluence and development taking advantage of the youth  demographic  benefits,  the  desired  level  of  changes  could  not  be  achieved  in  the economic and social sectors due to the political transition.

It is the need of today to move forward confronting the existing problems and challenges relating to youth  development on the basis of evaluation of the present status of the Nepali youth and internalizing the available prospects and opportunities. “Youth Vision and Initiative” and long term strategic plan and programs have been designed to fulfill that very need. To prepare competent human resources for turning the nation from a least developed one into a fast developing nation by achieving national affluence, equality and social justice within next ten years through common youth’s participation, collaboration and leadership development  and by making huge investment in the youth development sector including life-friendly education, employment, health and social security, making the Nepalese youth strong, competent, competitive and self-reliant, to build a modern, just and affluent Nepal through their meaningful participation and promotion of their leadership capacity.

The mentorship component of the program would match participants with community members who would serve as models, guides, coaches, and confidants for the youth. Mentor-participant relationships would vary depending on the needs and goals of the particular pairs. Mentors might assist program participants in developing specific skills, meeting particular people in the community, and providing support for overall personal and leadership development while youth are involved in the program. Staff would recruit potential mentors and provide training regarding the mentor‘s role. Staff would also match mentors with participants, and would facilitate the process of having the pair negotiate what each would contribute to and ask of the relationship.

Young Professional Development Society Nepal is a non-governmental organization which was launched in 2010 with the aim to promote youth leadership and empowerment documentation of youth programmes, research and development beneficial to youths around the world. Through a variety of our programmes we seek to engage, empower and educate young people on range of issues, as well as give them the opportunity to share best practices, networking and learning through people-to-people exchange.

YPDSN seeks to create opportunities for youth to get involved and grow, regardless of where they are in the world. Our activities include engagement in dialogues, conferences, training, seminars, exchange programmes, consultative and knowledge based research. Our activities support our programmes in knowledge sharing, capacity building, civic engagement, educational and cultural exchanges, local outreach programmes among others.

Youth Interchange

Youth Interchanges enabled young people to go across Nepal, to meet peers from different society with different social and cultural backgrounds and to learn from each other through an active participation in joint activities of common interest.

Youth Voluntary Service

Voluntary Service is to develop solidarity and promote active citizenship and mutual understanding among young people. Beyond benefiting local communities, learn new skills and discover other cultures.

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Global Heroes

GLOBAL HEROES is a platform that provides opportunities for young people who are committed to develop a better world. We enable you to feel abroad and contribute to the world and discharge your talents and skills by work in team on Nepal social project.

Int’l Program Hosting & Event Management

Young Professional Development Society Nepal (YPDSN) has been hosting International Events and Program collaborating with several youth group and I/NGOs. YPDSN has better experienced of events management. Please contact us further your event hosting in Nepal.

Health Camp

The main purpose of health education is to give local communities the knowledge but also the skills to develop and adapt a healthy behavior. At medical camps we provide basic treatment and general check up to help people be aware of their health status.

Skill Development

The overarching goal of the Capacitating Youth to Build Careers to serve their Communities’ project is to capacitate unemployed youth to provide meaningful and interactive interventions to vulnerable learners still at school. Creating positive, productive role-models. …

Youth Initiatives

Youth Creativity enabled a large number of young people to became inventive and creative in their daily life and to speak out on their local needs and interests but also on the main world issues. Develop their initiative, enterprise and creativity.

Women Empowerment with Technology

An Empower women of urban cities through information and communication technology. It’s facilitate academically deserving and economically underprivileged young women to pursue their studies in ICT.

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Child Friendly School Project

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Tourism & Globalization

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