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YPDSN has been working Women Empowerment for Entrepreneurship (WEE). Empowering Young Women to Lead Change is a training tool for young women to catalyze positive change in their lives and communities. This program is designed by and for young women, as part of the YPDSN’s commitment to developing effective young women leaders. WEE is designed to put young women in control of educating and empowering themselves to take action on key issues that affect their lives. This approach foster self-determined approaches to developing leadership skills and awareness of their strengths and rights. It creates practical opportunities for young women to determine and direct the changes in their lives. A resource group of women leaders and activists across the nation. Through consultation seven key issues were identified as having a crucial impact on young women. These issues are HIV/AIDS, sexual and reproductive health, self-esteem and body image, violence against women, human rights, economic justice and peace. Focusing on these issues, the manual provides young women with information and tools to: Gain insights into the issues Facilitate training to educate and mobilize her peers to collaborate on the issues Develop advocacy skills and take concrete action on the issues to ensure it is a practical and youth friendly resource in diverse cultural settings.

Young women encounter challenges every day. Apart from sharing their communities’ struggles over limited resources like water, land or jobs, many systematically face discrimination simply by virtue of being female. This includes physical and sexual violence, being kept out of school, disproportionate vulnerability to communicable and infection disease and lack of access to property and other rights. Yet young women around the globe possess the collective power to change their lives, their communities and the world we live in. Just as they face daily challenges, young women are continually developing innovative, effective ways to improve their lives. By bringing together their wisdom and creativity, young women are leading change. Understanding that investing in young women’s leadership is essential to social change now and for the future, YPDSN with the generous support of Government of Nepal, has developed this training resource for and by young women. Empowering Young Women to Lead Change is designed to support the development of young women’s skills and to enable them to provide leadership on the issues that concern them. It offers engaging and dynamic activities to motivate and enable young women to believe in their abilities to catalyze change and to mobilize others to do the same. It is a flexible tool for learning and exploring issues from human rights and violence against women to body image, self-esteem and developing leadership skills. YPDSN affirms the importance young women’s leadership and their meaningful participation in decision-making. 


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