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The function of advisory board is to offer technical assistance to YPDSN in designing, implementation and evaluation of programs, marketing, managing human resources to influencing the direction of regulators. Advisory boards are composed of accomplished experts offering innovative advice and dynamic perspectives. Boards can provide strategic direction, guide quality improvement, and assess program effectiveness. The advisory board plays a supportive role in functioning of the organization.

The major responsibilities of Program Adviser are as follows:

Program Adviser

Mr Dhab Nath Sharma (DN Sharma) is Program Adviser of YPDSN. Mr. Sharma has more than 20 years of working experience in the field of development and health sector in Nepal. He has been involved in training, curriculum development, program design, implementation and monitoring and supervision of programs across Nepal. Mr. Sharma has received numerous trainings in the field of program design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation and research. He has also been especially involved in preparation of NTP training manuals, modules, guidelines and policy documents for the National TB Program. He has also participated in numerous conferences and workshops related to health and development inside and out of the country. Mr. Sharma’s contribution to the organization is well acknowledged.


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