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The Young Professional Development Society Nepal (YPDSN) has registered tax-exempt under section (4) of organization action 2034 B.S. (1977 A.D.) as a non-profit, non-governmental, non-political as charitable organization:

  1. Registered with Government of Nepal, Ministry of Home, District Administration Office, Kathmandu on January 16, 2014 under section (4) of organization registration Act, 2034 B.S. (1977 A.D.) with registration number: 414/070/71.
  2. Registered with Government of Nepal, Ministry of Federal Affairs and Local Development, District Development Committee, Kathmandu on January 08, 2014 with registration number: 591/070/71.
  3. Registered with Social Welfare Council, Kathmandu on January 21, 2014 under section 13 of Social Welfare Council Act, 2049 B.S. (1992 A.D.) with registration number: 38571.
  4. Registered with Government of Nepal, Ministry of Finance, Inland Revenue Department, Kathmandu on January 21, 2014 with Permanent Account Number (PAN): 601602555.

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It is necessary to ensure participation of the common youth in the areas of economic, political, social and cultural development. Youth leadership can be established by bringing about economic and social transformation through youth’s participation, collaboration and leadership. Nepal having level wise structures and diversities, it is necessary to promote the culture of youth’s participation and collaboration. It lays emphasis on youth’s participation and collaboration through democratic values, norms and procedures.

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One of the major psychological issues for adolescents is developing a better understanding of themselves. This means that the component of self awareness is crucial to a youth leadership development program. Youth would be given time to reflect on their own values, talents, and skills and ways in which they could best use their abilities to provide service for others. Attempts would also be made to place individual values & goals into a cultural context to assist youth in better understanding the impact of their cultures on their own values & plans.


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