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Manoj Kumar Dhungana – Programme Coordinator

Mr. Manoj Dhungana is a Programme Coordinator of YPDSN and he is responsible to work as leader of field program under the program development unit for overall management of field activities. He will be a key and responsible person for the planning the field activities and enhancing capacities of respective team members for the implementation and monitoring supervision in efficient way. This position’s primary responsibility is ensuring organizational effectiveness by providing leadership for program of YPDSN. The position also contributes to the development and implementation of organizational strategies, policies and practices.

Programme Coordinator Responsible for:

  • Leading to manage and increase the effectiveness and efficiency of program planning and implementation of YPDSN programme.
  • Development district wise programme plan and budget in line with the organizational policies and programme.
  • Implement/conduct assigned activities of YPDSN within the given time frame
  • Coordination with concern government officials in different level.
  • Supervise, coach and facilitate to the program team’s staff
  • Provides specialized administrative support in the development, implementation, and marketing of program/project function.
  • Serves as a central point of contact between students, faculty, staff, other departments, and/or external constituencies on day-to-day programmatic, operational, and administrative matters; assists with seminars, meetings, special projects, and/or general problem resolution.
  • Coordinates activities of support staff, consultants, faculty, and/or volunteers engaged in implementation and administration of program objectives.
  • Monitors and administers program/project revenues and expenses; may develop or participate in the development of funding proposals for the program.
  • Writes, edits, and coordinates development of course catalogs, promotional materials, educational materials, training manuals, newsletters, and/or brochures, as appropriate to the program.
  • Maintains program/project records, researches information and gathers and computes various data; prepares special and/or one-time reports, summaries, or replies to inquiries, selecting relevant data from a variety of sources.
  • Performs or delegates clerical and administrative support tasks, including creation, typing, and editing of program correspondence, purchasing documents, reports, program handbooks, and other publications.
  • May assist with grant and/or proposal writing as appropriate to the objectives and funding nature of the program; may participate in other fundraising activities.
  • May perform specialized activities of a programmatic nature in direct support of the accomplishment of program objectives and protocol.
  • May supervise student employees, volunteers and/or interns; may lead lower-graded staff.
  • Performs miscellaneous job-related duties as assigned.


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