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Mr. Prabin Shrestha is Vice-President of Young Professional Development Society Nepal (YPDSN). He has more than twelve -year -working experience of public health and NGOs sector project – formal education and teaching, bee farming, seasonal vegetable cultivation training and production support, fruit production like orange, guava farming and storage skill development, electricity house warring and livelihood programing. She works closely with the board of directors and other top executives to define the mission of the organization. Under the direction of the board of directors, chief executive officer and president, the vice-president of a non-profit organization leads the daily operation of the organization. She not only leads by example, but also outlines the duties and responsibilities of the employees. Him operational management helps ensure that all mission objectives are met. Alongside the President, he represents YPDSN in the community and promotes its aims and ideals. He also establishes and maintains harmonious relationships with Board members and staffs. In addition, to encourage effective communication between the organization and the community, he, furthermore, ensures that the Board maintains its emphasis on policy matters and that the authority delegated to any standing committees or staffs is properly observed.


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