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Mr. Manoj Kumar Dhungana is Treasurer of YPDSN. He will oversee the financial matters of the YPDSN in line with good practice and in accordance with the governing document and legal requirements and report to the board of directors at regular intervals about the financial health of the organization. He will ensure that effective financial measures, controls and procedures are put in place, and are appropriate for the organization. Despite the additional responsibility, he has been overseeing the financial matters of YPDSN, and therefore he has been liable for the administration of YPDSN. He should report on the current financial position of the charity at each board meeting, and this should be recorded in the minutes.  The report should include an update on funds received and disbursed since the last report. He is responsible to all financial decisions owned should be recorded in the minutes of the meeting.  He oversees, presents budgets, and manages accounts and financial statements to the board of directors. He will ensure that proper accounts and records are kept, ensuring financial resources are spent and invested in line with YPDSN’s policies, good governance, legal and regulatory requirements. He develops and implements financial, reserves and investment policies. He acts as a counter‐signatory on YPDSN cheques and any applications for funds.


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