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Mr Ashit B K is President of YPDSN. His responsibilities as a senior member of the executive management team of YPDSN, is to provide leadership to the Board to enhance Board effectiveness. The Board has ultimate accountability for supervision of the management of YPDSN. Critical to meeting this accountability is the relationship among the Board, management, shareholders and other stakeholders. Mr BK, as the presiding member, must oversee that these relationships are effective, efficient and further the best interests of the organization. He provides leadership and governance of the Board to create the conditions for overall the effectiveness of Board and individual Director, and ensures that the Board discusses all key and appropriate issues in a timely manner. He promotes effective relationships and opens communication, and creates an environment that allows constructive debates and challenges, both inside and outside the boardroom, between Non-Executive Directors and the management. Being a trusted advisor to the Board Members, as he develops and implements YPDSN’s strategic plan, developing and managing relationships and communicating with funders, partners, and other stakeholders.  As a board member, he approves YPDSN’s annual budget, audits reports, and material business decisions; being informed of, and meeting all legal and fiduciary responsibilities. Also, he reviews outcomes and metrics created by YPDSN for evaluating its impact, and regularly measures its performance and effectiveness using those metrics.


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