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Executive Member

Ms Bindu B.K. Baral is an executive member of Young Professional Development Society Nepal. Ms Bindu is actively undertaking her responsibilities to achieve the goal. She is quite dedicated and dutiful member of YPDSN. She has completed her 10+2 in Education and has a good knowledge in operating computer programmes. Similarly, she is well- experienced at different sectors such as marketing, tailoring, and so on. She has 4- year- experience at marketing. She worked at cable service as a marketing officer. She worked at tailoring for 3 months. Also, she worked as a beautician by opening her beauty parlour. She is a very good at decorating and organizing the official activities. She is responsible for creating and approving the budget and for insuring that the budget is raised. She should consider making a direct personal contribution to the budget. She must also be willing to participate in fundraising activities. She is responsible for creating the organization’s identity. This means that she needs to develop or support the organization’s mission, makes decision about program directions, and takes part in long-range planning. She shows much willingness to make a philosophical or emotional commitment to the organization. In other words, she believes in the mission of the organization and help shape or support the vision behind that mission.


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