Welcome to YPDSN !!!

Mr. Dhungana have a strong believer of the notion that work is a part and parcel of human life, it guarantees the quality in life and your contribution towards overall society and the whole world. I would like to dedicate myself working towards a better tomorrow both physically and spiritually. I have been involved in YPDSN as a Adviser since 2015. From my experience so far I have noticed that my energy is focused towards motivating myself and others. The most suitable working environment for me is one that is constantly changing and allowing me to learn through challenges and create new pathways.


From the experience for more than 25 years in different organizations in the field of banking and Academic, I believe that I have gained sets of skill in the area of marketing, finance, leadership, management, banking and human relations. I also hold skills like communication and persuasion, inter personal relation, learning attitude and managing the challenges as it appears. 

EDUCATION (qualification, university, passed year)



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