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Mr Ashit B.K. is the Founder President of Young Professional Development Society Nepal (YPDSN). He has more than ten years working experience of social development sector in different NGOs /private and I organizations. He has a good leading capacity in organization, management and capacity to handle the critical situation. He can also play a vital role in teamwork and fund-raising. He has been working as a section head and administrative chief. Likewise, he has also involved in various research and programmes of Tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS. Similarly, he has participated in international workshop and conference of youth professionalism. Mr. BK has individually conducted youth professional programme and partnership project for youth development. In addition, he manages an overall function of office, administrative support to the representative by using extensive knowledge of organizational policy with a high level of technical skill. Mr. BK operates with a considerable independent judgment and initiative. He, maintaining a high degree of confidentiality, arranges the calendar of project, and coordinates with internal and external individuals to optimize time and to facilitate the exchange of information. In addition to his responsibilities as a senior member of the executive management team of the Corporation, he provides leadership to the Board to enhance Board effectiveness. The Board has ultimate accountability for supervision of the management of YPDSN.  He provides leadership and governance of the Board to create the conditions for overall the effectiveness of Board, and ensures that the Board discusses all key and appropriate issues in a timely manner.

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