Welcome to YPDSN !!!

Mr. Prakash B. K. is a youth member of the Young Professional Development Society Nepal (YPDSN). Mr. Prakash is a young and energetic youth who has been supporting YPDSN as an active youth volunteer for the Erasmus Plus activities and has more than five years of working experience in marketing and sales of home appliances and electronic products. He is quite good at operating and managing different official activities. In fact, he is honest, kind-hearted, cooperative, and hardworking. He is always dedicated to his work. Regarding his academic qualifications, he has attended BBS Shivapur College, Maharajgung, Kathmandu, under Tribhuvan University. Besides this, he has also taken training in youth activities. In addition, he has participated in YSEEAM project activities, local youth consultations and workshops, and various social programs and events in which he gained innovative knowledge and skills to operate and/or handle official activities. Moreover, he got a new vision to smoothly run the organization in proper cooperation with team members. Thus, he is playing an important role in promoting the organization’s plans and programs. He loves to work on international volunteer exchanges and social services.


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