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Executive Member

Ms. Nabina Ale is Executive Member of Young Professional Development Society Nepal (YPDSN).  Ms Ale has more than 2 -year working experience in NGO sector. She is graduate BBS in Marketing. She is responsible to attend meetings, provide input, vote on issues, communicate with other boards’ members and outside organizations, provide ideas and self-dealing YPDSN’s credibility. The primary responsibility is to see that the YPDSN continues to operate – through funding decisions, compliance with the law, etc. She will play key role to sets policies and strategies for the YPDSN, in line with the agreed purposes, principles and scope of the YPDSN. It also sets operational guidelines, work plans and budgets for the YPDSN and policy and programme support. Ms Ale has assists the internal workings of the YPDSN by setting criteria for membership of, and appointing, review panels and/or support groups. It may also establish a framework for monitoring and periodic independent evaluation of performance and financial accountability of activities supported by the NGO.


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